Day hike in Cagliari

Hiking to Bruncu Mariangela and back (4 hours)

Spending yours days in Cagliari and looking to make a small hike? Hiking to Bruncu Mariangela close to Capitana is a not too hard hike which is easy reachable by bus and will results in an amazing view.

Be aware that this is a rather simple and short hike. Not even a full day. If you are looking for a full day hike, or even multiple days I’d suggest to go to the Sette Fratelli mountains. Although I haven’t been there myself, I bet the hike and view is more amazing.

That being said, this is a fun short hike.

How to get there

Use Google Maps or another service to figure out your best route to S.P. Villasimius in Capitana, laying just besides Cagliari. In our case we took the following route:

The hike


Cagliari Day Hike Route

The first part of the hike is slightly boring, through a spread out neighborhood. After a while you’ll cross a highway, from there on the path gets a bit more rough and leaves the neighborhood. From the bus stop you’ll reach the highway in 30-40 minutes.

At some point you’ll leave the dirt road and enter a smaller path going steep up the mountain. This part is a bit more intense and takes about 30 minutes.

Enjoy the view!

Cagliari Day Hike Sunset