Basic Command Line Commands

Some basic command line commands used in the command line explanation video of HackYourFuture:

Move around using the command line

Home directory

$ pwd
Print Working Directory

$ cd [name of directory]
Change Directory

$ cd ..
Go to parent directory

$ ls
List folders and files

Interact with files and folders

$ mkdir [name of folder to create]
Create a folder

$ touch [name of file to create]
Creates an empty file

$ code [folder to open]
Opens Visual Studio Code in the current directory

$ mv [what][to where]
Moves a file (or directory) or rename a file (or directory)

$ cat [name of file]
Print content of a (text)file

$ cp [name of file][new location or name]
Copy a file (or directory)

$ rm [name of file]
Remove a file (or directory)