Arco Mul


Nationality: Dutch
Birthday: 25-02-1992


Oct. 2016 - Jan. 2017
3 months

Growth Hacking course - Growth Tribe Academy
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sep. 2014 - Feb. 2015
6 months

Minor Game Technology - Hochschule der Medien
Stuttgart, Germany

Sep. 2011 - Jul. 2015
4 years

Bachelor Game Development - Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Aug. 2003 - Jul. 2008
4 years

Higher general secondary education - Veenlanden college
Mijdrecht, The Netherlands

Work experience

Dec 2017 - Feb 2020
2 years

Game and Web Developer at YIPP
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Unity, C#, Shaders, NodeJS, Mongo, Vue, Nuxt

Aug 2015 - Nov 2017
2 years

Web Developer at Peerby
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
NodeJS, Mongo, Lean, Adwords, FB Ads, SEO

Feb 2015 - Jul 2015
6 months

Game Developer Intern at DoubleDutch Games
Hilversum, The Netherlands
C++, C, Mono, Mono Game, Assembly, .NET IL

Jan 2014 - Nov 2014
6 months

Game Developer at Echoboom (part-time, remote)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Unity, C#, NodeJS, Javascript, Mongo

Aug 2013 - Jan 2014
6 months

Game Developer Intern at Echoboom
Madrid, Spain
Unity, C#

Aug 2009 - Dec 2012
3 years

Part-time Webdeveloper at Netsquare
Mijdrecht, The Netherlands

Noteable projects

Feb 2015 - Jul 2015

Bachelor Thesis: Porting Mono and MonoGame to the Xbox One
Partly ported Mono and MonoGame to the Xbox One, to ultimatly port the game Speedrunners the Xbox One.
Grade: 10/10
C#, IL, C, Assembly, Git

Feb. 2014 - Jul. 2014

C++ Render Engine
Wrote a render engine in C++ as personal project to understand the render pipeline.
C++, OpenGL, Git

Feb. 2014 - Jul. 2014

First Line Defense - International project (Carlow, Ireland)
Serious game to train new recruiment on a militairy airbase
Grade: 9/10
C#, Unity, Git, Blender, Photoshop

Aug. 2013 - Nov. 2014

Mini Dogfight - Project at Echoboom
Mobile game: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows App Store. More than 50K downloads with an avarage rating of 4.2
C#, Unity, Git

Feb. 2014 - Jul. 2014

EffectsEverywhere - University project
Particle editor and demo game written in C++ using the Render Engine Irrlicht
Grade: 9/10
C++, Irrlicht , Blender, Git


Expert: HTML/CSS, PHP, Git
Proficient: C#, Java, Unity, Lua, Javascript, Scrum, Lean Photoshop, Blender, C, C++
Competent: Irrlicht
Advanced beginner: Unreal Engine OpenGL, GLSL


Native proficiency: Dutch
Full professional proficiency: English
Limited working proficiency: Spanish, German